Foraging Trails

Foraging for Beginners 

Discover the ancient art of foraging from the hedgerows, woodlands, marshes and beaches of glorious Gower. There is a free supply of edible delights on our doorstep in Wales that most people are unaware of or simply don’t know about, ranging from samphire, blackberries, sea purslane, dandelion and wild garlic, razor shells, clams, nettles and nuts. From Spring until late Autumn we can benefit from the healthy pursuit of walking and gathering just as our ancient ancestors did.


Hone your skills at food mapping, learn about the rich bounty of free foods around you, the physic of healing plants and how to use them ; and the laws of foraging. It is important we respect our environment and take only from sustainable growth and then just enough for our needs.

Foraging at Three Cliffs


The glorious setting of Three Cliffs Bay combines wood, grassland, beach and salt marshes. With the varying seasons comes a delightful array of ingredients to augment your tables. From the salty bitterness of freshly picked samphire to the earthy and sweetly pungent flavours of wild garlic. Golden gorse flowers add a coconut flavour to ice creams and syrups, and sea purslane gives both texture and flavour to salads. The shelter of the small valley gives protection to a variety of wildlife and plants – a small microclimate hidden on the Gower Peninsula.


Foraging at Parc Le Breos


The woodland at Parc Le Breos is a mixture of broadleaf trees including Oak and Ash speckled with conifers. It is an ancient woodland that was once a Medieval Deer park owned by the Norman Lords of Le Breos. The wide range of deciduous and evergreen trees give an unique area of growth for a wide variety of plants both edible and medicinal plus home an enormous amount of wildlife including otters, red kites, sparrow hawks, owls, badgers and foxes.


Ash keys can be pickled and used like capers…..the petals of crab apples  are a stunning addition to salads and tisanes…while beech nuts were ground to make  flour when times were hard. Seasons bring the provender of berries and nuts, as well as mushrooms and roots.

Foraging at Oxwich Bay


The pleasures of beach foraging come to the fore in the Summer time when you can enjoy both the foraging experience and the chance to paddle too!Hidden in the rock pools and sandy stretches of Oxwich bay are the riches of the sea……kelp, periwinkles, razor clams, whilst snuggled in the dunes are rock samphires, sea holly and sea kale.



For more information please contact

The Gower Heritage Centre, Parkmill, Swansea SA3 2EH  or  Tel: 01792 371206

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